Sunday, 16 September 2012


Within a breath we are gone. And, before this event, we are duty bound to be alert and wise to our opportunities. It shall not be an acceptable excuse to depart here in the absence of having lived a truthful life.

Therefore, it is within this Internet site that I will offer for your careful consideration the following Mission Issues; as based upon my 70 years (2016) of both corporate and societal ventures :
  • INCgv is the primary Venture : This is the declaration of Universal Binary Governance [UBG]
  • Gaia-Watts is the business venture site for developing a world of alternate sustainable "green" energy projects and wellness - primarily, for the next 10 years, focusing upon the evolution from fossil fuel reliance to plasma resources {note : Higgs Boson and the FHC} - Skilled Immigration and Investment is the highlighted focus here as a means of developing the SVS-IHHI; and,
  • Touchstone Committee, the Civil, Human and Political Rights and Responsibilities {note : Hohfeld Applications}